• Last Minute Birthday Cake

    Posted on March 16, 2012 by Chloe in We Did It!.

    This year circumstances worked out so that I was responsible for Nana’s birthday cake.  I didn’t find this out until about 9:00 on the night of her birthday. We were hanging out at the gym and my mom was home with her broken ankle so I got a friend to drive me to Wal-Mart for supplies. I had to have a cake on the table ready when Nana came home at 10:15.


    We have already done the Kit Kat and M&M cake, so I wanted something different.  I grabbed a ready-made cake at Wal-Mart and some peanut butter M&M’s and Reese Cups. The result is below.  It was surprisingly tasty and very festive.


    Easy, Quick, and Impressive


    My nana was very surprised and pleased with it, especially since there were M&M’s poked into the side of the cake and covered up by Reese Cups.

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