Three Sisters

Jotting it all down.

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Foust Girls' Recipes

Our mom has insisted that all of her children (including my brother) cannot grow up without knowing how to make at least a week's worth of meals. That means we've all grown up spending a lot of time in the kitchen. These are our favorite recipes we've found, created, or adapted. We're always cooking for 6, so you may need to pare down.

Things We Make

Because there are four of us and we're all involved in a lot of activities, we don't always have the luxury of "only child" spending for our rooms and stuff. We make up for this by doing a lot of things ourselves. These are our favorite DIY projects for 2012.

Beauty & Fashion

Elle loves fashion and beauty products like trees love sunshine. This is where she will showcase or review beauty and fashion items this year. Sometimes she makes her own and when that's the case the recipes will be here too. Most of the posts here will be from Elle, but occasionally her big sisters find something inspiring as well.

Contact Connie

Want to contact the Foust Girls? Send us a comment and our cat Connie will review it, pass it along to our mom, and eventually the appropriate messages will make their way on to us.

So who are these Foust Girls anyway? We’re three sisters who share a love of tumbling, making things, and music. Our mom is making us blog this year as part of our schooling. This is the blog we share and then we’ll all have our own blogs as well.