• A Sandwich Fit for a Boy

    Posted on March 16, 2012 by Chloe in Food We've Made.

    We’ve been really busy around here at the Foust House.  A lot has happened, but the most recent thing is that our brother turned 18, even though I forbade it. We are all really close. I know most families say that, but we really are.  Very close. So close it’s obnoxious. Speaking of obnoxious, this brother of mine eats too much.  It would be too much even if he had four stomachs.  My mom says it’s like watching a nature show.  You almost can’t look, but you can’t look away either, stunned in fear that you may be next. In any case we were trying to figure out what to do for Abram, who in all honesty is the best brother ever.  He’s also the funniest person I’ve ever met.

    Abram, Chloe, Elle, and Victoria in New Orleans at the Jr. Olympics

    Here we are in masks at the New Orleans Jr. Olympics in 2011


    You can see above how he is a great sport.  He’s the dude wearing the mask above, and riding a crab below. He’s always up for a dare or a meal.

    Abram in Va Beach, VA

    Abram riding a crab in Virginia Beach, VA for Jr. Olympics 2010


    Now, on to how I happened upon the best birthday meal idea ever…So there I was sitting in Dairy Queen, minding my own business, when I saw a picture on the wall.  It said, “Dairy Queen’s Foot Longs and Hamburgers.”  I read it as “Dairy Queen’s Foot Long Hamburgers” which sounded like just the perfect idea.

    Did you know you can’t find foot-long hamburger buns?  Well, you can’t, or rather we couldn’t. We improvised with a loaf of french bread that we cut in half and had our good friend Charlotte from Charlotte Sue’s Cafe load up with sandwich veggies for us.  Then we shaped a long hamburger loaf to fit in there. I wish I took before pictures, but we were hurrying to get it done before he got home. It was basically shaped like a meatloaf, but only not as tall.  We put it on a broiler pan and broiled it until it was done to satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be turned.

    While that was cooking, we fried up breakfast sausage patties. The sausages were meant to be a side dish for him (along with salmon patties, pasta, and pancakes). I almost put the sausages on the sandwich, but I thought that was such an ungodly abomination that even Abram wouldn’t eat it. He loved the sandwich, and when presented with the sausages, promptly slapped them on his burger like so:


    Burger Abomination

    Foot Long Burger with Breakfast Sausage Garnish

    The sandwich was a big hit.  He even had to put off finishing the rest of his birthday dinner until later in the evening.  The other 5 of us who live in our house all shared one also (without the sausage).  Very tasty!

    A Boy and His Sandwich

    A Boy and His Sandwich

    All in all it was a great birthday meal. We all went to sleep with our bellies bursting, except for him…’cause he’s never full.


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