• Hershey’s Kiss Pretzels

    Posted on January 26, 2012 by Victoria in Food We've Made.

    These are little snacks that are pretzels with Hershey’s kisses and another pretzel stacked on top. I made these for my sister’s birthday party. They were the party fave, a big hit. They are fun to make.  Here’s how you do it:

    Line a pan with foil

    Step 1. Line a pan with foil


    First of all, you start out with any size pan you want. I do recommend a pan with edges.  I used a 10″x10″ Wilton pan. Then you cover it with aluminum foil and push it into the corners. This lets you use one pan and just swap out the aluminum foil.  Plus you don’t have to wash it.  Nobody likes washing dishes here. ;-)


    Lay down your pretzels

    Lay down the pretzels



    Now you lay down your pretzels.  We used Snyder’s of Hanover’s Snaps. You can put them as close together as you want.  They won’t spread of course. Now is the time you’re happy you used a pan with edges if you did. They can be slidey if you don’t have edges.


    Top them with Hershey's kisses

    Place one Hershey's Kiss on each pretzel



    Now you put a Hershey’s kiss on every single one of them. This is easier if you have sisters who will unwrap them for you. Try to get the kiss close to the middle so the chocolate doesn’t squish out too much, but they aren’t really picky. If you unwrap them and they look weird or shaped funny, it’s OK.  Use them anyway.


    Bake for 2.5 minutes on 250 degrees

    Bake for 2.5 minutes on 300 degrees




    Bake at  300 degrees for 2 1/2 minutes. Make sure they’re shiny all over and not just on the tips. Here’s where you’re really going to want to start eating them. Your brain will tell you, “they’re not so hot they’ll burn you” but don’t listen.  Just keep working.  There’s another step.


    Top with another pretzel

    Top with another pretzel



    If you want, you can add a small marshmallow to each one at this step, right before you put the pretzels on top of them. The same pretzels we use in the beginning. Press them down a little bit but not too much. Then you can let them cool.






    Hope you have as much fun as I did making them!

    Yours Truly,




















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