• Watermelon Blueberry Lime Drink – Perfect for Summer

    Posted on July 2, 2012 by Chloe in Drinks, Food We've Made.
    Leftover Fruit Never Tasted So Good

    Leftover Fruit Never Tasted So Good

    We’ve been eating watermelon every day for breakfast and lunch, for about 5 weeks now, so we were a little burned out when it came time to finish the one we had in the fridge this morning. We knew we also had other leftover fruit that was in serious need of being used, so we dug through the fridges and pantries to find it all and came up with limes, watermelon, and blueberries. We combined them all into a delicious drink and I’ll tell you how.



    • 3/4 of a very large watermelon, chunked and seeded (ours had seeds, but you can go seedless if you want because it’s, like, a 2 hour event of seed-picking)
    • 4 limes, juiced
    • A few hands full of blueberries (play this by ear–these were 10 year old hands tossing them in)
    • 2 quarts of water
    • 1/4 cup sugar (or to taste) (optional)


    1. Once you have your watermelon seeded and chunked (hopefully you went with a seedless melon and spared yourself the 2 hour long event), purée it in the blender.
    2. Add your lime juice and blueberries and blend it again.
    3. Taste the result, and add your sugar and blend again.
    4. Pour your mixture into a pitcher and add one quart of water.  Taste to see if you need more water.  We added one more quart.  Mom would have added three quarts and found it still sweet enough.  Vicca only wanted one quart so we compromised.


    The result is a really tasty juice drink that really feels like summer. You can use frozen blueberries for ice if you wish.  Enjoy!


    Watermelon Blueberry Limeaid

    Watermelon Blueberry Limeaid


    Watermelon Blueberry Limeaid

    Watermelon Blueberry Limeaid


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